Snow is part of Calgary Living and sometimes we love its beauty, or the fun sports it provides, however we never love it on our roads or sidewalks.

RimRock can handle just about any snow storm that comes into this city and area. With an array of snow removal equipment from plows and graveling equipment, to sweepers and bobcats snow gets pushed aside quickly and easily. So when you need to make that meeting in January you won’t get stuck or be late.

RimRock operates on a same day snow removal system, that means that if it snows overnight or in the morning it will be removed that same day. And if it keeps on snowing we will keep coming out everyday until the storm is done. Many snow removal companies will wait until all the snow has fallen to show up, but RimRock likes to make sure your roadways and walkways are clear as much as possible all winter long.

So make sure your winter is all about enjoying the snow, and let RimRock take care of the headaches.